CPA Details

Currently, HackLab CPA accepts two types of payouts: Pay Per Lead (PPL/CPL) or Pay Per Sale (PPS). If you’d like RevShare, please visit our sister site at for more information. For any additional questions, send us a message at and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. 

Pay Per Lead (PPL/CPL) 

A lead is counted when a visitor creates an account and confirms that account through the confirmation link sent to their email, or by adding their credit card. It’s that simple! We recommend PPL for affiliates that want quick turnarounds and don’t want to wait for their customers to make a purchase. Payouts will vary, but they are broken down into the 3 tiers outlined below. Please note that any referrals from countries not listed here will receive $0 commission. 

Tier 1

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia

Tier 2

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa

Tier 3:

All others

Pay Per Sale (PPS) 

Earn a flat rate one-time payout for every qualified customer. When you refer a customer that creates an account, they become a ‘free’ member that has access to our free chat and free promotional credits. Free signups will not qualify for a PPS payout until they make a purchase greater than $1.00 USD. If you are interested in our payout option for free sign-ups, please see our PPL offer above.

Please note that you will not be entitled to any commission or referral fee of any kind from HackLab CPA for any subscription that we determine is the result of possible fraudulent activity. Any fraudulent activity resulting in a chargeback or refund will be deducted from your payout. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Traffic Restrictions

  • Incent Traffic- No form of incentivized traffic will qualify for a PPL payout. You cannot offer your users free credits, money, gifts, or promise of any kind of incentive in order to get them to sign up to our program. If an affiliate incentivizes their traffic to sign up, immediate and harsh actions will be taken to recuperate any money paid out for said traffic. This will also result in termination of the affiliate’s account.
  • Duplicate Accounts- Duplicate accounts will not count towards a payout.
  • Account Approval- Please fill out our preliminary approval questionnaire here and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly! 
  • API/Co-reg- We do not support API/Co-Reg traffic on HackLab. Please visit our sister program, for 1click or exclusive white label cams solutions.  
  • Campaign limits- Affiliates will not get credit for any leads acquired beyond any agreed upon caps or other campaign terms.
  • What qualifies as a Bad Lead? –
  • PPL- If the user unsubscribes or is rejected within the first 7 days, the lead will be disqualified and will not count towards a payout.
  • PPS- If the users first purchase is charged back or refunded, the lead no longer qualifies for a bounty.
  • Other Limits – Speak with your rep to find out about other campaign limits.