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Dedicated Analyst

Dedicated Analyst

Our team of dedicated analysts are committed to working tirelessly to help optimize and test every aspect of the conversion funnel with our affiliates. With a plethora of optimization tools at our disposal and a wide variety of experience, our analysts are here to help increase conversions and your bottom line.

Lab Logistics

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Branders & Marketing Tools:

We specialize in a complete customized join path experience. Our experienced designers work closely with the marketing team to help to create top converting ads, pre-landers, post-landers and join funnels to maximize the click-through rates, conversions and your ROI.

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In-Depth Report

We take detailed stats very seriously! Our system offers complex reporting to work with you to best analyze the data and make informed decisions on optimization efforts.

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Traffic Optimization

Why waste your money and time? Optimization is our bread and butter. At the Lab, nothing runs on auto pilot. We monitor your traffic diligently and dedicate all necessary resources to optimize based on data.

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Robust Platform

We can support just about any type of integration with our robust platform, whether it be via postbacks, API’s, XML feeds or widgets. The Lab is mobile optimized to check your stats anywhere, anytime. Our dedicated analysts are always around to help and provide insight.