HackLab CPA Beaker

About HackLab CPA

We are a group of affiliate managers who somehow got way too much authority. We started in the webcams industry with a revshare program, focusing solely on driving revenue for the advertiser. We built a CPL program that converted well, but each step of the process felt disconnected from the others, creating a fragmented overall experience. As a result, we built a custom join path and optimized the flow with consistently catchy branding, A/B testing, and landing page selected based on a learned AI.

We then changed the user’s first experiences to feel more cohesive with the conversion flow by utilizing dynamic intro pages, building a slow cultivation process, designing informative overlays, modifying our email marketing, and offering special packages inspired by that marketing.

We invited our internal Media Buying team to be our first client. We quickly found out their existing ads were too generic and did not fit our flow at all, putting us back to square one. Knowing exactly what we did not want to do, we worked to thoughtfully design and build new ads for testing.

Our system is still new, but we’re already seeing millions of visits per day with over 10,000 new registrations, and a very happy advertiser. We think we have the secret sauce. Do you want to know what it is?

We analyze and optimize every single step in the process. That’s right, every single one. We focus on every detail, especially those that are frequently overlooked, such as CTA phrasing, lander design, email marketing, and even complexity in password requirements. From impression to final user value, we are watching the entire way.

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